Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts offers a variety of classes for adults of all ages and skill levels. Our classes teach the fundamentals of the arts and progressively challenges our martial artists as they progress within the art. Each class is taught to the highest standards according to traditional arts and modern technologies combined to provide a unique blend that cannot be matched anywhere. Our curriculum is designed to provide the highest quality of training and challenging enough for the student at every level, building on success, providing a positive and safe training experience.


Our Adult courses include:

 - Ken Ju Ryu (Kenpo Ju Jitsu) - A blend of Karate, Kenpo, Ju Jitsu and Eskrima
 - Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu - a non sport martial art similiar to Judo
 - Eskrima - a Filipino weapons martial art
 - Toyama Ryu Sword Training



Young Adults 15 - 17

Young adults aged 15 to 17 who have the stature and the maturity to participate in setting structured for adults can start in a basic adult class. This is at the discrestion of Shihan Rhodes.


Adult Kenpo Ju Jitsu

Kenpo Ju Jitsu is an innovative and dynamic art form it enhances Kenpo which is known for being and explosive percussive style that used kicks strikes and punches to subdue opponents. by blending with Ju Jitsu and traditional art form that uses the ground as a weapon, utilizing throws, joint manipulation and chokes, the balance of the two arts is efficient and extremely realistic.


Shihanke Russell Rhodes, and Dai Shihan Professor Sig Kufferath (Shihanke Rhodes' teacher) jointly conceived and developed Ken Ju Ryu by  by blending Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu with Kenpo Ju Jitsu. Other arts that have been incorporated into Ken Ju Ryu such as Suro Mike Inay’s Inayan Eskrima and other traditional art forms.

Ken Ju Ryu is an explosive and percussive style that  is used to subdue opponents utilizing kicks, strikes and punches, throws, joint manipulations and chokes. In addition Ken Ju Ryu incorporates the mastery of weapons, and defense against firearms  which culminates in a perfect balance of the martial arts which is modern efficient and extremely lethal.

Russell Rhodes is the current Soke, Shihanke (head of the system) and inheritor of the Ken Ju Ryu system and  holds a 10th dan in the art.

Ken Ju Ryu takes the best techniques from both arts and blends them to create a new and dynamic art. This new technology soon became a force in the martial arts world, dominating the tournament circuit and seminars. Professor Kufferath dominated events and tournaments utilizing the Ken Ju Ryu system helping him beating black belt opponents half his age

For the last fifteen years of his life, Professor Kufferath dedicated all of his energy and efforts into developing this amazing new art form,  in honor of his teacher Shihanke Rhodes has dedicated his life to following professor Kufferath’s teachings in both Ken Ju Ryu and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu.


Adult Danzan Ryu - Ju Jitsu Training


Shihan Russell Rhodes studied Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu under the guidance and tutelage of Professor Sig Kufferath from 1985 up until the Professor passed away in May 1999. Professor Kufferath passed on the art to Shihan Rhodes, as taught to him, by the founder Professor Okazaki.


Suppleness and flexibility are the main focus of Kodenkan Danzan - Ryu Ju Jitsu. Traditionally concentrating on throws locks break and chokes, which are used to neutralize an opponent.



Shihan Rhodes teaches Danzan Ryu in the original pure form as taught to him by Professor Kufferath, to over three hundred of his students at his Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts school, one of the largest Kodenkan Ju Jitsu schools in central California.


Shihan Rhodes teaches all facets of the Danzan Ryu Art  including:

  • Nage No Kata (Throwing Arts)
  • Yawara (Hand Techniques)
  • Shime No Kata (Constricting Arts)
  • Oku No Kata (Combination Arts)
  • Kakughi Waza (Secret Techniques)
  • Ura Bunkia (Reverse Application)
  • Okuden (Hidden Teachings)
  • Kaiden (Final Teachings of the style)
  • Seifukujitsu (Restoration Arts)





Eskrima is the Filipino spelling of the Spanish word for fencing (esgrima). Eskrima or refers to a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasize weapon-based fighting with the stick, staff or knife.


Eskrima has extraordinary principals that are applicable to self defense. This pure Filipino weapons training is designed to accelerate one's reaction time, develop a superb sense of rhythm and reactive body movements.


Initially devised to teach intricate moves, to villagers, and generally non professional soldiers, to allow them a measure of protection against other villages, as well as foreign invaders, only techniques that were proven effective in battle and could easily be taught en masse were used. . This philosophy of simplicity is still used today and is the underlying base of eskrima. Because of this approach, eskrima and the Filipino martial arts in general are often mistakenly considered to be "simple". However, this refers only to its systematization, not effectiveness. To the contrary, beyond the basic skills lies a very complex structure and a refined skill set that takes years to master.





Adult Toyama Ryu Sword Training

Japanese swordsmanship is a modern art inspired by twelve hundred years of samurai history or warrior spirit. it is taken from the practical methods once used by the samurai. This rich history makes Toyama Ryu above all a simple and practical system of swordsmanship.

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