Belt Tying


An important part of your uniform (or Gi as we call it in Martial Arts) is the belt (Obi) and knowing how to tie it and wear it correctly.

While knowing how to tie your belt properly before practicing martial arts may not seem like an important detail, it is actually one of the fundamental skills for beginning your training.


The belt, or obi, keeps your uniform tightly secured and it is important it is correctly tied.


Follow these steps to tie your obi correctly.


Start by holding the label end of the belt across your stomach, in front of you, about 1 or 2 inches below your navel.

The ends should be of equal length. It should hang a couple of inches longer than the length you want the belt to be when it is tied.

Pull the belt tightly around your waist, so that it is snug without restricting your movement or causing you discomfort.

Wrap the belt twice around your body, with the ends open at the front of your waist

Tuck the non-label end of the belt under both layers and pull it up.

Pull both ends to tighten the knot.

The label end of the belt should still be on your left side.

Fold down the non-label end of the belt.
Tuck the label end of the belt under the other end and over to your right side.
Loop the label end of the belt around the other end and through the knot.
Pull to tighten the knot. If the belts ends are not the same length, untie the knot and adjust the length.