Our Lineage


We are extremely proud of our lineage which is a pure line from the creator of the Danzan Ryu system to our present day organization and dojo. The Danzan Ryu system has been passed from the creator of the system, Professor Henry Okazaki to his student Professor Sig Kufferath, who in turn has passed the system on to Shihan Russell Rhodes. This lineage is a great source of pride for all members of the dojo and plays an important part of our day to day teachings at Pacific Coast Martials Arts.



Traditional Ju Jitsu concentrates on throws, grappling or ground defense and joint manipulations (locks, breaks and chokes). It is known as the art of suppleness, flexibility, and pliancy all coming from the ideogram "Ju." This art is used to subjugate and neutralize your opponent.


The Kodenkan Danzan Ryu system was founded by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki in 1929 on the island of Hawaii. His Kodenkan "School of the Ancient Tradition" was the center of much controversy in the very exclusively Asian martial arts circles of those days, since he insisted on teaching his system to members of all racial groups.

Yet his ability to turn out good instructors, his strong emphasis on self-defense and his knowledge of resuscitation and massage (which most schools lacked) allowed his school and system to flourish despite considerable opposition.

Today there are thousands of instructors and students, who continue to hand down this ancient tradition.


The Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu system, in which we train in at Pacific Coast Academy, is the exact same as it was taught by its founder Professor Seishiro Okazaki.