Shihanke Russell Rhodes


Shihanke Russell Rhodes has been training for over 45 years in the martial arts and holds ranks in seven different systems. Shihanke Rhodes possesses the unique ability to combine diverse martial arts disciplines in a synergistic manner. He borrows components from every conceivable source to create self-defense techniques and enhances them by applying biomechanics and equations through technique.

Shihanke Russell Rhodes' highest accolades are:

- Soke, Judan 10th Dan (inheritor and head of system)
   in Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo Ju Jitsu.

- Kudan (9th Degree) in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu.

- Guru in the Inayan Martial Arts Association

- Renshi in Toyama Ryu.

- Renshi in Shinkendo



Ken Ju Ryu


Shihanke Russell Rhodes and Dai Shihan Professor Sig Kufferath jointly conceived and developed Ken Ju Ryu. Ken Ju Ryu is an innovative and potent art form created by blending Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu with Kenpo Ju Jitsu. Other arts have been integrated into Ken Ju Ryu such as Suro Mike Inay’s Inayan Eskrima as well as other traditional art forms.

Ken Ju Ryu is an explosive and percussive style utilizing kicks, strikes and punches, throws, joint manipulations and chokes to subdue opponents. The techniques and forms are adapted from both Kenpo and Danzan Ryu to create a new, dynamic art form. Ken Ju Ryu also incorporates filipino martial arts and firearm defense. The art has been engineered for modern practice and efficiency; it is realistic and extremely lethal. 

For the last fifteen years of his life, Professor Kufferath dedicated all of his energy and efforts into developing this amazing new art form.  Ken Ju Ryu has become a force in the martial arts world, impacting tournament circuits and seminars. Professor Kufferath utilized the Ken Ju Ryu system at events and tournaments to help him beat black belt opponents half his age. In honor of his teacher, Shihanke Rhodes has dedicated his life to following Professor Kufferath’s teachings in both Ken Ju Ryu and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu.



Shihanke Title


June 1985
Kaiso Professor Sig Kufferath recruited Sensei Russell Rhodes with the aim of developing a contemporary and progressive art from the old school arts of Kenpo Karate and Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu. Sensei Rhodes was training in Kenpo at the time. He began to modify the Kenpo and joined it with Professor Kufferath’s Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu, which inspired the professor to create the new art form. The professor coined the phrase “Ken Ju Ryu” which is an acronym derived from Kenpo and Ju Jitsu.



June 13, 1998
Russell Rhodes was awarded the title Soke 10th dan and designated as the inheritor of the art of Ken Ju Ryu by Kaiso Professor Sig Kufferath.

The signed photograph below depicts Professor Kufferath's sentiments toward his pupil, Russ Rhodes ..... "My Ultimate Student"



August 15, 1998
Russell Rhodes is awarded the rank of Shichidan (7th dan black belt) and Shihan in the Danzan Ryu system by Professor Sig Kufferath.


Shihan Russell Rhodes is the only student of Professor Sig Kufferath to receive a Soke title in Ken Ju Ryu and the rank of Shihan title in two art forms, Ken Ju Ryu - 10th Dan and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu - 7th Dan. He also holds the highest and most rank ever awarded by Professor Kufferath.

August 15th, 1998 - Shihanke Russell Rhodes receiving his Shihan title from Dai Shihan Professor Sig Kufferath




Certificate from the Kilohana Martial Arts organization recognizing Shihanke Rhodes as the inheritor of the Art of Ken Ju Ryu.



Certificate from Kaiso Professor Sig Kufferath recognizing Russell Rhodes as Shihanke, co-founder and inheritor of the art of Ken Ju Ryu.


Shihan Russell Rhodes Kodenkan Danzan Ryu - Shichidan Certificate


Shihan Russell Rhodes Shichidan Certificate signed by Professor Okazaki’s four last surviving students including:

  •  Professor Sig Kufferath - 10th Dan - Kodenkan & Ken Ju Ryu
  •  Professor Wally Jay - 10th Dan - Kodenkan Small Circle Ju Jitsu
  •  Professor Joseph Holck - 10th Dan - Kodenkan / Kajukenbo
  •  Professor Bing Fai Lau - 10th Dan - Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu

The certificate was also signed by these distinguished martial art seniors including:

  •  Professor Willy Cahill - 10th Dan - Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu
  •  Professor James Muro - 10th Dan - Kenpo Karate - 9th Dan Kodenkan
  •  Professor Lee Eichelberger - 9th Dan - Kodenkan Jujitsu
  •  Professor Imi Okazaki / Mullins  - Kodenkan Danzan Ryu
  •  Sensei Walter Todd - 8th Dan - Judo & Karate 6th Dan Aikido
  •  Suro Mike Inay - founder of Inayan Eskrima
  •  Guro Willem de Thouars - founder of Kun Tao/Silat

Shihan Russell Rhodes Kodenkan Danzan Ryu - Hachidan Certificate



Shihan Russell Rhodes Hachidan Certificate - August 17th 2002 from the Kilohana Martial Arts association signed by 

  • Professor Wally Jay - 10th Dan - Kodenkan Small Circle Ju Jitsu
  • Professor James Muro - 10th Dan - Kenpo Karate - 9th Dan Kodenkan 
  • Profeswsor Wally Jay - 10th Dan - Kodenkan Small Circle Ju Jitsu
  • Professor Imi Okazaki / Mullins - Kodenkan Danzan Ryu
  • Professor Willy Cahill - 10th Dan - Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu
  • Professor Joseph Holck - 10th Dan Kodenkan & Kajukenbo


Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu

Shihan Russell Rhodes studied Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu under the guidance and tutelage of Professor Sig Kufferath from 1985 up until the Professor passing in May 1999. 


Shihan Rhodes teaches Danzan Ryu in the original pure form as taught to him by Professor Kufferath, to over three hundred of his students at his Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts school, one of the largest Kodenkan Ju Jitsu schools in central California.

Shihan Rhodes has studied and mastered all facets of the Danzan Ryu Art including:

  • Kakughi Waza (Secret Techniques)
  • Ura Bunkai (Reverse Application)
  • Okuden (Hidden Teachings)
  • Kaiden (Final Teachings of the style)
  • Seifukujitsu (Restoration Arts)


Inayan Martial Arts

Shihan Russell Rhodes studied Inayan Martial Arts under Suro Mike Inay and achieved the teaching credentials in Sinawali, Dequerdas and Kandena De Mano Systems with experience in Serrada and Larga Mano under Suro Mike Inay.


He is currently a guru in the Inayan Martial Arts Association.


Suro Mike Inay was so impressed with the Ken Ju Ryu system that he claimed it as a sister art to the Inayan Eskrima system. 



Kilohana Organization

Shihan Russell Rhodes is one of the original members of the Kilohana organization.  This organization, based at the hombu dojo, Pacific Coast Academy, has been fortunate to host  many (too many to mention) seniors and legends of the martial arts over the years.
These martial artists helped make the Kilohana (hombu dojo) one of the most successful and sought after schools in the world, as well as helping to shape and influence Shihan Rhodes successful career in the martial arts, that it has been to date.

Shinkodenkai Martial Arts Association

Shihanke Rhodes is the founder and chief instructor of the Shinkodenkai martial arts association. The Shinkodenkai association is a progressive, and forward looking family of martial arts schools which operate under the guidance and direction of Shihanke Rhodes.

Shinkodenkai is rapidly growing and has schools and affiliations coast to coast across the entire United States of America.

Shihanke Russ Rhodes founded the Midwest Kodenkan Shinkodenkai organization under his Shinkodenkai association. Bringing his arts and unique talents to a wider audience, many schools across the midwest of the United States have signed up with Shihanke Rhodes to participate in this exciting and growing program that propagates the teachings of Professor Kufferath.

Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts

Shihanke Rhodes created Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts in California with the goal of teaching the martial arts as taught, and passed down by Professor Okazaki to Dai Shihan Professor Sig Kufferath and then on to Shihanke Russell Rhodes. Shihanke Rhodes is the chief instructor at the Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts and is responsible for directing all training activities at the school and the Shinkodenkai association.

Shihanke Rhodes concentrates on teaching the traditional arts, blending new technology with conventional teachings.  Pacific Coast Academy is focused on excellence and the advancement of the arts into the 21st Century. Shihanke Rhodes is actively engaged in teaching on our floor on a daily basis and leads most of our classes, from the most advanced adults to the youngest children. Shihan Rhodes' exemplary influence is the source of all the programs taught at Pacific Coast Academy.



Shihanke Rhodes's commitment and dedication to the martial arts is a passion that is absolute.





Shihanke Russ Rhodes - Teaching at Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts


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Shihanke Russell Rhodes’s teachers in the martial Arts

• Dai Shihan Sig Kufferath (Kodenkan/Danzan Ryu/Ken-Ju Ryu, Kenpo Ju-Jitsu)
• Grandmaster Max Togisala (Kajukembo)
• Grandmaster Suro Mike Inay (Inayan Eskrima)
• Sensei Michael Esmailzadeh (Toyama Ryu)
I would also like to give a special mention to Professor James Muro who I consider one of the top Kenpo practitioners in the world - he was always there to share his knowledge with me. I have learned a lot from him - Thank you James!

To all of my many friends and students over the years who have inspired me and enriched my life in the martial arts - you know who you are!
Domo arigato gozaimashita - Thank You!
Shihanke Russell Rhodes