The Dojo


The Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts dojo (or school) is a modern, state of the art training facility that is entirely unique and sets the standard for martial arts training in the 21st century.


The dojo, designed by Shihanke Rhodes, to meet his exacting standards, is a modern, clean, well lit and airconditioned facility with state of the art equipment and mats.


The entire training area has been designed to incoportate full length mirrors to ensure that students can easily view instruction from a number of angles and view their own technique and forms.




It has a purpose built changing area where our students can change in privacy before and after classes and has a comfortable waiting area where clases can be easily viewed.


The dojo uniquely blends a modern training facility, while maintaining a thoroughly traditional martial arts training school envoironment that reflects the traditions and teachings its founders and teachers of our arts have passed down to Shihan Rhodes.


The dojo, or training hall, is however more than just the physical building where we train. It is the place where our journey begins.

For students, teachers, parents, and visitors, it is important to conduct yourself in a way that respects the dedication and commitment of the training process.


We have a few points that we expect students and visitors to note when they are in and around our dojo

  • Always clean up after yourself on the mat, in the changing rooms, and in the waiting area.
  • Please wear shoes in the parking lot; it's safer for our students and keeps our feet and mats clean.
  • Other than water bottles during workouts, no food or drink is allowed in the dojo.


We encourage parents to observe their children's classes and we ask you to contribute to the successful training envoironment by refraining from loud conversation while class is in session.


The dojo is the home for our community and it is important to promote an atmosphere of respect.


The Shomen

Shomen is a word that refers to the face or the front. In the dojo, it is traditional to place a symbol of respect at the front of the training area, the Shomen.




In the case of Pacific Coast Academy, our shomen holds a pictures of the late Professor Henry Okazaki and the late Professor Sig Kufferath, who was Shihan's teacher and taught at Pacific Coast until the end of his life. Shihan Rhodes always credits Professor Kufferath as the source of his teachings.